"A Natural Wonder of the World" 

Pyrite Crystals from Navajún La Rioja, Spain are famous for their natural perfect cubic shape, mirror like faces and incredible luster. These perfect Pyrite specimens were formed approximately 140 millions years ago and are only found in Navajún.

Why Cubes?

We are often asked if our Pyrite Specimens are cut and Polished. The answer is always NO. While hard to believe that Pyrite can be a perfect shiny cube, their perfection has to do with their crystal structure. Pyrite (FeS2) is an iron sulfide that crystallizes in the cubic system. For example there are other minerals that crystallize in the cubic system such as: Salt (NaCl) and Fluorite (CaF2) also crystallize in this system. While Pyrite is a very common mineral throughout the world, it is hard to find perfect Cubes in the size, perfection and luster that Characterizes Pyrite from Navajun. Pyrite from Navajun is a must have for any mineral Collector and a Perfect gift for those who have it all.